It's time to use Music Bot in your server.

PiuBot is a ready and very useful bot for listening to music on your Discord server.

PiuBot will request some permissions before joining your server, these are needed for PiuBot to function properly.

The support server provides information and update announcements about PiuBot. Troubleshooting help can also be found here.

FeaturesSupport Add to server
Commands of PiuBot
Easy to use commands
.help (.h) Display all commands and descriptions
.loop (.l) Toggle music loop
.lyrics (.ly) Get lyrics for the currently playing song
.np Show now playing song
.pause Pause the currently playing music
.play (.p) Plays audio from YouTube or Soundcloud
.playlist (.pl) Play a playlist from youtube
.pruning Toggle pruning of bot messages
.queue (.q) Show the music queue and now playing.
.remove Remove song from the queue
.resume (.r) Resume currently playing music
.search Search and select videos to play
.shuffle Shuffle queue
.skip (.s) Skip the currently playing song
.skipto (.st) Skip to the selected queue number
.stop Stops the music
.volume (.v) Change volume of currently playing music
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